Leen is a product designed for temporary body support which consists of ergonomic properties. Leen is a wall mounted device designed to save precious floor space, while offering an alternative to traditional methods of seating.

Leen has been designed to provide ergonomic benefits to the user by firmly supporting their lower lumbar and removing any discomfort from the lower back and feet associated with sitting/standing too long. The user will lean onto the device, thereby removing the downward pressure on the lower vertebrae which is consistent with traditional seating.

“Improving quality of life through Ergonomic innovation”

At Ergotech Solutions we are driven to improve the quality of life through ergonomic innovation. Ergotech will provide a structured platform to encourage new inventors to take their great ideas to the next step Ergotech Solutions will provide hands-on consulting, while helping our clients find the partnerships and solutions needed to accommodate their precise needs.
Our trusted partnerships include database patent searches, patent Attorneys, Prototype companies, both large and small scale, and graphic designers. Clients can take advantage of our social tech network. Ergotech has relationship with regional innovation centers, investor groups, and new invention showcases.

At Ergotech Solutions we will walk our clients through the seemingly difficult process that is taking a great idea to production. At Ergotech our missions is the essential pursuit of a healthy lifestyle through new and innovative products designed thoughtfully with ergonomic benefits.

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